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Leaders for Europe
Get addicted to SPORT values
Challenge to change - Youth participation matters!   

Dive in Social Entrepreneurship

Informed youth are voting responsible
Leaders for Europe
Upgrade Youth Work
Youth and social change

Reading is the biggest privilege
Civil Society - a fairplay actor of EU
Decide for YOUth!
Gain EVS

Europe, my country
Digital Literacy on Human Rights Education
Education is key to success
Liders for Europe

Equal chances for labour market
International Youth Conference
Non-formal education, vector of youth development

Social Entrepreneurship for Youth Lifestyle

Grow your organisation, link it to Europe
Let's get active!
Equal chance for all - a chance for better future

Cultural diversity for Social inclusion

Creative entrepreneurship - successful career for youth
Seminar on youth participation in the context of Eastern Europe and South Caucasus
M.E.N.U. (Meals in Europe National to Universal)

International Youth Conference, Krusevo 2014

EYE - Educated, Young & Employed
Discover the European Common Story!
Migration: from inclusion to employability, a sustainable process

PACT - Participate Actively in your Community!
Adult Literacy within European Identity
European tools for adults literacy in democracy
Digital Generation

Youth Entrepreneurship Empowerment
Peace for All - Conflict Management
I s(up)port
Dissemination and Exploitation of Results

European Guests of the Tea go on a Round-the-World
Youth Overcome Unemployment

Whatever our Weather, We can Move Together

InFormed Youth on EUROPEan Citizenship
Let's vote for European Citizenship
Melodies of Tolerance

Volunteers of Today, Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow
 Act by Knowing the Means of Democracy
Sport as a path to active citizenship
Notes in Music, Adults in Europe

Volunteers dancing for social inclusion of youth

A New Deal Networking for Employability
Ready, Steady = JOB
International Youth Conference, Krusevo 2012

Common values for common actions
How to solve global challenges through volunteering
White night of Lapusneanu street
ROSE - Romania Self Evaluation

 Young Hopes on Railway
 Youth and democracy
 Non-formal education, an effective tool for development in democracy
Fashion Theatre

Multipliers of peace in 3 steps
Romania Seen Through Your Camera
Volunteering vs Unemployment
 Poisonous dragger

 Volunteering in Human Rights Education, Mostar 2011
Take Attitude! Be Pro-Active!
Training for Trainers Youth lense, Kladovo 2011
 Dialog and Cooperation between youth leaders and decision factors

 Iasi Youth Center
 International Youth Conference, Krusevo 2011
 Democracy-a way to achieve Sustainable Development
 Volunteering School for Social Succes

 Introduction of the handcrafts which is about forgotten?
 Events on European Youth Week 2011
 International Seminar for Youth Workers
 Community needs YOUth

 "Young Observer" International Youth Observation Campaign during Elections to Local Councils in Ukraine
 Millennium Development Leaders
 Be ACTIVE for Sustainable Development
 The RIGHT Photo

 For Successful Youth
 European Youth Capital-Democrazia 2.0 Sostenabilita
 International Human Rights Day
 Is Your Right!

 Involvement for Success
 Why Love? What is Real Love?
 The Woman Leader
 Sustainable Development as Lifestyle

 How to forestall the modern human traffic
 Verliebt in Europa
 Youth involved in the European Mobility Week
 Let's Share Our Cultural Heritages

 Multicultural Traditional Inheritances
 To forestall and to fight against human traffic through models agencies

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